Ralph and Alissa Wakefield are the owners of Wakefield Music Academy and Store.

About Ralph and Alissa Wakefield, the owners of Wakefield Music, LLC

The Wakefield’s


Alissa Wakefield has lived in Mountain Home since 2005, when she moved here with her husband and children from Pleasant Grove, Utah. Alissa has been teaching music for nearly 30 years in both secular and religious settings. She is a certified Harmony Road instructor, which facilitates her passion for teaching and performing group music. She specializes in teaching very young children how to play the piano. She has been leading choirs for over 25 years and is currently the principal conductor of the Mountain Home Community Choir / Theater and the Mountain Home Chamber Ensemble. In addition to teaching group piano, she also teaches music and movement pre-piano classes to toddlers and pre-schoolers as young as 16 months. She also teaches voice, violin, cello, ukulele, and assists with the theater productions.  She loves to write and arrange music, and has written a sight reading book that she uses in tandem with the Harmony Road curriculum.


The Wakefield’s have 6 children, some biological, some adopted. Music is a very important part of their lives. Sarah, the oldest, has been playing the violin for 21 years and teaching for 14 years.


Following are a few pictures of our new Airbase road location: