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Testimonials | Wakefield Music Academy and Store

Jo Robbins (Piper’s Mom)

Piper wanted to compose some music today!
I helped a little but she did it.
I could not compose on paper at 5!!!
I❤Harmony road
Love it! Thanks for sharing!

This one is her writing
That’s awesome!
I know, she just came in and said “look! Fine!
Go back to the fine!”
Love this program!!!
How cute! Make sure you save it.

Kimberly Morrison uploaded a new video (on Facebook).
“This is one of Adam’s solos from the recital. The Harmony Road piano method teaches skills to their students that I wish I would have learned when I took lessons. For this number, Adam’s piano book gives him the melody line. He first learns to play the melody and then sing the notes in solfege. Then he has to decide which chords sound good with the melody line. He writes it into his music using lead line and chooses a rhythm style for the accompaniment. After he can play the accompaniment he has composed, he practices singing the melody line with it. Singing and playing at the same time is difficult enough, but singing something with an entirely different rhythm and notes is amazing to me. I highly recommend the Harmony Road program and if you’re lucky enough to live in the area, Alissa Wakefield is a wonderful teacher.”
Kimberly Morrison

“We currently have all six of our children involved with the Mountain Home Music School. The kids range in ages 7 to 19. All six take piano lessons, two take violin, one cello, and one just starting the viola. The teaching staff at the school are well prepared to teach and our kids enjoy the atmosphere at the school for learning and the opportunity to share what they have learned at the various concerts and recitals throughout the year.”
Daniel and Carolyn Medina

“My two children have attended Mountain Home Music School for over three years now. The group setting at the music school has taught my children to be more confident and secure during their musical education. Working in a group has taught them how to play in an ensemble, to work together at different speeds, and to help others in the group to accomplish the common goal. They have conquered a fear by 11 and 7 that many adults still have not, by learning to perform and speak in front of an audience. Neither of my children were confident with their vocal skills before attending the music school, but they have learned so much more than piano with their instructor that they now feel that standing up and singing in front of a group is as normal as night and day. In just a few years my children are both very well versed with music, my oldest now playing clarinet as well, and they both have joined a choir. They are still excited to go there every week, see their classmates, and give their best. There is nothing quite like listening to your children play piano while cooking dinner, and there is really nothing quite like listening to my oldest help my youngest when he gets stuck somewhere; a future piano instructor in the making. Mountain Home Music School has changed our lives and we are so thankful for the people there.”
Danielle Stubblefield